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Friday, 05 November 2010 12:33

In the last decade few automatic wildfire detection and automatic wildfire surveillance and monitoring systems have been developed and commercially offered under various commercial names. On this page you can find links to their official Web pages.

We would like to emphasise that systems listed on this page are available commercial systems offered by commercial firms. Experimental, research and prototype systems or systems that are not available today like ARTIS FIRE, AWISS, ASRD, VIGÍLIA or OBSERVA are not listed. More details about those systems could be found in Report "Incêndios florestais estudo sobre sistemas de vigilância de incêndios florestais" (in Portuguese).

Also we would like to explain differences between automatic wildfire detection systems and automatic wildfire surveillance and monitoring system. Automatic wildfire detection systems, as their name describes, are only used for early wildfire detection. Automatic wildfire surveillance and monitoring systems, beside the automatic wildfire detection capabilities, usually have a lot of additional features, like distant video presence, wildfire risk calculation, wildfire spread simulation or similar. Systems listed bellow belong to both categories.


Video based systems

IR based systems


The feedback from visitors is welcome. If you know any other commercial automatic wildfire detection or automatic wildfire surveillance and monitoring system please send us e-mail with details.



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