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Written by Toni Jakovcevic   
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:20

While single images containing smoke are rather easy to acquire, video sequences with smoke are not so common. Especially sequences which have recorded the first appearance of smoke in the scene, which is an important factor for most algorithms based on motion detection. Everybody is invited to download sequences from the database as well as contribute with their own video sequences.


Sample of segmentation:



Videos are stored as consecutive images saved in a folder. For every video there is also a hand-made segmentation fin two binary classes (smoke and no-smoke for every image in a subfolder "Segmentation". Segmentations are bmp images where smoke pixels have value 0 (#000000), and background pixels have value larger than zero, usually 255 (#ffffff).

Package contains 5 smoke sequences and 1 no-smoke sequence, with total 256 images.


Users can download videos from hereThese datasets are free to use, but if you intend to use them in scientific research, it is necessary to reference this webpage and the Center for Wildfire Research.

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